We are always looking for new members. There are a variety of duties that need to be performed to make the organizaton work. If you have a skill, we can utilize it. Our diverse membership includes nurses, business professionals, truck drivers, mechanics and retirees. Because of the diversity of our membership, we are able to tackle any situation, small or large.

The reality of today's society has had a deep impact on emergency services. With increased development, comes increased responses. Unfortunately, departments nationwide are enduring a shortage of members. Community safety requires the cooperation and contributions of every member. Doing your part is much easier than you think!

We offer free training to all members. This includes in-house certifications and state certifications. We have developed a mentor program to quickly get new members acclimated into our department. In a short time, you will be able to operate our equipment, work along side senior members and most importantly feel like a member of the "family".

The rewards of being a member are great. Just ask any of our members that have been with us for 10 years, 25 years, or even 50 years! When you join, you will become part of a family with a proud tradition of serving the community. You will receive a "real world" education unmatched by any university. A member will gain skills and experiences that most people will never have the chance to gain. We also have many fun social gatherings. We host holiday parties, family BBQs and our annual installation banquet. Some of our greaest moments are rewarding our own members.

We are always looking for:

Drivers (fire tucks and ambulance)
Fire Police
Social Members

Pick up a membership application by stopping at our firehouse, or simply download it right here.

Once you fill out you application, bring it to our firehouse. We drill every Monday from 7pm-9pm except for holidays. You can drop it off with any member. You may stop by any other time of the week, but no one may be there to take your application. Our firehouse is located at 1953 Route 44-55, just west of the intersection with Route 32. Find us onĀ