Residents of the Modena Fire District elect five commissioners, each to a five year term and a Treasurer for a two year term.

On an annual basis, the Board will appoint a Chairman to run the monthly meetings. The Board appoints a Secretary on an annual basis to manage meeting minutes and handle Fire District correspondence. The Board of Commissioners is responsible for establishing an annual budget, ensuring fiscal solvency, and tending to any other needs of the Modena Fire District. The Board works closely with the Chief and the respective line officers to ensure that equipment is properly maintained, members meet training requirements, and that the Organization continues to raise our high operating standards.

The Board of Commissioners holds a meeting on the second Monday of every month at the Modena firehouse which is open to the public. For directions to the firehouse visit 

Sean Egan

Robert Wager Sr.

David Winters

Samantha Riley

Mike Fowler

Pattie Redner

Melissa Sokota